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About Us
APS is a group of individuals from all walks of life, that believes that any form of parental alienation is -
We are a NGO. Funding is carried by a few individuals that will appreciate any donations or other support.

Our main task is to educate those willing to listen, support those that are victim, give opinion to those who ask for advise.

All the supporters of APS are registered with the Parental Alienation Awareness Association.

About the web pages

To accommodate older browsers and hardware with limited memory, the pages are done using simple HTML as far as possible.
Social media e.g. Facebook and Twitter, as well as search engines e.g. Google, Bing and Yahoo, use a lot of scripting causing older systems to slow down or completely crash.

Pages displaying the "KIS" emblem, contains no scripting at all.
Pages displaying the "NotKIS" emblem does contain limited scripting, usually referring to a link on the page. "WarnKISS" may contain a bit of scripting e.g. CSS, JAVA or more.
No Cookies involved.
Locked pages will refer to scripts that is "NotKIS" to log in.

This document is revised on 14 October 2017


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15 July 2017