The APS domain will have to close down if YOU are not willing to assist. This will cause at least 2 web sites to disappear. Advice and therapy to parents and children who can not afford professional services, will cease.

Since 2009 all the accounts for running the services of APS, including telephone, logistics, printing, court appearances, conferences and web pages were paid mainly by three persons.

The financial obligations of 2016 amounted to 4,173.03 all paid.

Donations received via PayPal Donations, donation box or cash in hand for 2016 amounted to 129.44.

On 15 August 2017 we had outstanding accounts of 497.55 needing urgent attention. If at least 337.00 is not paid by 15 September, we will have to close doors.

Many of you had, and still enjoy free advice and therapy sessions. Someone else will charge you at least 150.00 per session. Advice from the pages can also be valued at least 100.00 per page..

Please help.

Please consider making a donation to cover the cost.
You decide on the amount