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You are entering the public domain of APS. Welcome.

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About the web pages

To accommodate older browsers and hardware with limited memory, the pages are done using simple HTML as far as possible.
Application based sites e.g. Wordpress, social media e.g. Facebook and Twitter, as well as search engines e.g. Google, Bing and Yahoo, use a lot of scripting causing older systems to slow down or completely crash. Application based sites also use a lot of your data and I suggest that you limit using it from your mobile data (phone) if your subscription is limited.

Pages displaying the "KIS" emblem, contains no scripting at all.
Pages displaying the "NotKIS" emblem does contain limited scripting, usually referring to a link on the page. "WarnKISS" may contain a lot of scripting and may be application based.
No Cookies involved.
Locked pages will refer to scripts that is "NotKIS" to log in.

If you can help maintaining this domain, please help by donating.

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5 July 2020