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Get Involved

This page will contain information on how you can get involved and offering assistance needed.
In the meantime, who can help ...

Please indicate your willingness and availability by contacting us urgently.
Your information will be posted on the Supporter page
, together with your advert if you agree.

Example Qualifications
Recovering PAS Child
Older than 16 and willing to support other recovering PAS children - children and Adult PAS Children, just being a friend, share experience and support
Recovering Alienating Party There are many of you around. You are ashamed of the past and do not want to crawl out of your shell. Start paying back and educate and support other alienating party's
Target Parent - Still targeted or recovering You are special. We need you to be available for other targeted persons. Be a friend, share support, start a support group in your area. Let other targeted persons understand that they are not alone. One phone call answered can save a life.
Target Grand Parent or family member- Still targeted or recovering
Social Media Guru
You know how you can assist in education, support, getting the world to understand this form of child abuse. Several pages is in urgent need of admins, editors, managers.
Therapists, social workers, other professionals You may not be able to give time for free. We do understand. Nevertheless, your support and declaration of availability will be an advantage to all
Administration Proof readers, authors, web masters, managers, other admin work
Sponsors Sponsoring and event, meeting, social occasion in your area.
Other Use your imagination
Financial Offer to pay one or more of the accounts or just give a little or a lot.

If you are not able to get physically involved - giving your time - actively supporting others, you may be willing to get involved in supporting the running of the project Please consider a donation.

20  July 2017