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Andries van Tonder

Andries is officially retired and is not accepting any more clients or work, other than supporting and advising other support workers, education, training and certification.

Andries is active in several Parental Alienation support groups worldwide and a staunch advocate for formal groups or associations. He is a founding member of the Parental Alienation Awareness Association and still serving. He is a member of the Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG) and hope to be active with the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners (EAPAP).

Andries is presently researching “Aggressive Sadistic Alienation”, “Piranha Relationship Breakdowns” and "Mathematical Calculation of Risks to a Child", a tool that is proving efficient in determining the risk to a child and eliminating a "guilty" verdict based on rhetoric and speculation.

If approached by the Court, he will assist. He is still available to attend Court via video link if it is on short notice or beyond the borders of Ireland. If possible he will personally attend Court in Ireland.

Letter of introduction

(A PDF copy can be downloaded by clicking on this line)

Andries van Tonder             Telephone:    +353 (0) 46 954 9748
37 Delmere                          Mobile:          +353 (0) 87 977 4515       
Enfield, Co. Meath               Email:  
A83 D983   
Ireland                                        April 2017

I am retired, working voluntary as allowed by my health.
Academically I am qualified with:
    Certificate in Law Enforcement -1969,
    Diploma in Theology – 1973,
    Certificate in Psychology - 1977,
    Certificate in OHS – 1980,
    Higher Diploma in Education - 1983,
    Lower Diploma in Small Business administration 1985,
    Bachelor of Technology (Electrical and Information Technology) - 1996,
    Certification in Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Sequel – 2010.

My life experience is extensive working in positions from hard labourer to senior management.

I am a Fellow of the Parental Alienation Awareness Association of Ireland specialising in education and on occasion, teenage and Adult PAS Children. In March 2017 I was invited and accepted as member of the international Parental Alienation Study Group.

I am a “Jail-house Lawyer” in Child Protection procedures, law, guidelines, standards and litigation, including rhetoric involved.

I have extensive experience in the District, Circuit and High Court, and some Supreme Court experience, attending court in more than 70 matters, either as litigant in person, as expert Parental Alienation witness, witness (for parents or for the authorities), support or as Court friend. I attended Court hearings via video link in foreign jurisdictions on several matters, as Parental Alienation Advisor.

On request or by appointment of the Court I have -
    investigated matters and given my opinion as Amicus Curiae or independent expert.
    served as Guardian Ad Litem.
    acted as advocate for several members of families in dealings with authorities.

I authored several articles on the subject of Child Protection, Parental Estrangement and Parental Alienation and am acknowledged as above average knowledgeable on “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Piranha relationships” and “Aggressive Sadistic Alienation”. I am  above average knowledgeable on identifying and analysing rhetoric report writing.

As Parental Alienation Therapist, I witnessed the effects and outcomes of this serious form of child abuse in at least 60 cases where the ages of clients varied between 2 and 75 years old. I took notice of several ultimate outcomes including the death of children, target parents and alienating parties. I predicted several ultimate outcomes and warned authorities and law enforcement about it before it happened.

I am a Support Worker, not qualified as a Legal Professional, Social Worker or Psychologist therefore I only “suggest”,  I do not “advise”.

Quoting Professor Margaret Hagen's book with the the same title - I am not a “Whore of the Court” and do not do report writing or present evidence at a payment, other than proven expenses.

My native language is not English.
Senior Family Support Worker.
Parental Alienation Awareness Trainer and Mentor