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The complete domain is undergoing change since 30 April 2017. 

After the destruction of the pages by unknown persons linking some pages to Google sites advocating parental alienation as non-existent or a false theory.

Links were also made to other pages advertising organizations like “standbythechildren”, “victoriouschildren”, “marriage abusers”, “ELIMINATE PARENTAL ALIENATION PURVEYORS” and more.

They also attempted to breach the member database, but did not succeed.

We attempted to restore everything but did not succeed.  Due to lack of funds we have to rebuild the pages ourselves. Offers of assistance will be appreciated.

Specifically needed: Person with MySQL knowledge, PHP and HTML to recreate the membership database and application package. This is about 2 days work for a knowledgeable person.

Contact “andy at aps dot ie” if you can donate some of your time.

Please consider making a donation to the cost of running this project and pages.
You decide on the amount. - even only €1 is welcome
Last update: 14 October 2017