Parental Alienation Awareness Association

of Ireland



Urgent help needed: PLEASE

Send your help urgently to PLEASE!

Everybody's help is needed to draft a set of documents to assist in future cases. Please help forwarding me any examples of court rulings that can be found – as per example – under the headings hereunder. Please.


  1. Parental Alienation is serious child abuse
  2. Custody change is justified
  3. Child in State or foster care not to be alienated
  4. Qualifications of expert evidence
  5. Other heading - whatever you think is important


  1. Heading: Custody change is justified
  2. Link to a published judgment:
  3. Official name of the case: “Beekman v. Beekman, 96 Ohio App. 3d 783 - Ohio: Court of Appeals, 4th Appellate Dist. 1994”
  4. Where is Judgment: Last paragraph
  5. Court ruled (copies and pasted if possible): “These factors, in addition to the unfounded allegations of sexual abuse, are enough to establish a sufficient change of circumstances to modify custody.”
  6. Type of Court (If known): Appeal
  7. Your name etc (if you want to be mentioned): Peter Pan,, Project Co-ordinator, Member of AB organisation

Send your help urgently to PLEASE!